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Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo

Note that Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo is abandoned!

Cancelled Demo build coming at 12 AM EST, Christmas Day

It has been about a year, making a tavern for kids and parents to enjoy the food and entertain with new animatronic characters, and much more. Due to the development process does not stop, the boss will hire somebody to test their robotics out for several nights. They determine to open earlier and later in order to earn more money because they are losing balance at the present time. And, the player will be the person that they select. Control that role and help them! 

Download Honeybear’s Fantasy

It’s said that Honeybear’s Fantasy is a small game based on FNaF with free roaming and a shift of 12 – 6 AM. You need to monitor the power and temperature. They are two important keys to handle strange behaviors of killer machines. 

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