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If you are a big fan of FNaF games, you should find out more other fan-made games based on the original games. WEEKEND_ Demo -BUGFIX UPDATE 0.2.0 will be your good choice if you are interested in exploring new awesome stuff or creepy challenges. This game is just still in development, but totally you can check the demo out first and start your discovery. Once joining, you take on a role of a night watchman working at the building H. This location is leased by a restaurant, therefore it’s filled with a lot of animatronic things, like robotic toys, props as well as some small objects. Working here alone at night is so dangerous since there are some animatronics roaming around the restaurant and trying to enter your office. You are provided with a camera system, and you must use it wisely to defend yourself and fight off all dangers. These ghosts will never give up on you! Try to prepare nice strategies and utilize your abilities to kill all of them!

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