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Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2

A lover of FNAF games shouldn’t miss out a chance to try a new Fanmade FNAF game called Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2 which is free to download and playable on PC. With a combination of Minecraft owned by Mojang and FNAF owned by Scott Cawthon, this title surely keeps you engaged. The game brings you a chance to meet a lot of well-known characters from the DSMIS saga. You will be able to adjust the difficulty of the animatronics at your will, which is very the same as the Custom Night in other previous FNAF games. Once setting the animatronics’ difficulties, you can head into the adventure instantly. Try your best to fend off all the animatronic robots before they have a chance to jumpscare you. Make sure that they won’t be able to sneak into your room, or else you will end up getting killed. This fan game also brings you awesome elements, like voice acting, Easter Eggs, Death Minigames and so forth. Try it now!

Download Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2

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