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Ultimate Custom Night Download

Ultimate Custom Night is a great new installment of Five Nights at Freddy’s series which is created by Scott Cawthon. It is available for you to download the game on Steam or GameJolt without paying a penny. It is also the last FNAF mashup that you can play against 50 selectable animatronic characters your way. These antagonists are from chapters and the spin-off. They are hostile creatures that can kill you easily. You are asked to fend off these enemies if you want to survive and win.

Ultimate Custom Night

Start to experience the Ultimate Custom Night game with a night shift security guard and work at a local vintage restaurant. Although the boss hires you to supervise everything including roaming robots, you have to complete another mission which affects your survival. Before you enter your room and embark on your task, you are able to choose the monsters that you like and set their difficulty level, from 0 to 20. Next, you will be trapped in a small space. From the desk, you can manage some important spots such as two side doors, two vents, two air hoses or two Pirate Cove curtains which will be observed via cameras. The adversary can sneak into your area from those places. Once they break into, you will die.

Aside from that, the Ultimate Custom Night game also provides a few essential tools such as the heater, the global music box, the power generator and more. You can see them clearly on the screen. You’d better master them to increase the survivability and finish assigned objectives. If you feel unsure, you can set traps. If you earn enough scores, remember to visit the prize counter to buy something. Besides, you can unlock much more exciting stuff. The point that you obtain at the end of the match will depend on the aggressiveness of the foe and how many animatronics you encountered.

Download Ultimate Custom Night at here

Other features:

  • There are 16 quests found on the Challenge Menu.
  • The voice acting that you enjoy in the Ultimate Custom Night game come from returning favorites and latest arrivals to the franchise.
  • Have a lot of unlockable office skins and cutscenes!

Patch Notes:

  • To prevent bugs or serious issues from annoying you, you should update your version with releases which are being continuously uploaded to GameJolt. When you take care of that, you will recognize that troubles with Springtrap or Mangle will not happen anymore.
  • There is a low-detail mode with FPS. Unclick the “visual effects” on the screen where you select your rivals.

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