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Treasure Island_ ZERO

Treasure Island_ ZERO

Playing fanmade games will help you improve your skills and get more fun! Check out Treasure Islans_ Zero which is a popular fangame based on FnaF games. The game can be downloaded with two releases, and you can totally get them for free. In this game, you will take on a role of an investigator who is in charge of unraveling the mysteries and secrets of Disneyland which is known as one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. Your main job is to look into every stuff and use your skills to reveal the truth. Be careful when you get into the shelter! There will be lots of dangers and obstacles standing in your way. Your goal is to complete the mission and stay alive until the end. The game presents you two releases:

The first one is Five Nights at Treasure Island – Below Disney (Gameplay DEMO) (Old version of the game) which consists of an introduction of story and Night 1

Link download

Five Nights at Treasure Island – Below Disney DEMO 2 (Old version of the game). This is just an incomplete Night 2 Demo, but you can conquer night 2.

Link coming soon.

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