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Super FNaF RPG

Super FNaF RPG

Super FNaF RPG is a great fanmade game based on FNaF games. The game is downloadable for free, so you can totally check it out and play it to experience more funny challenges. In the game, you will meet a lot of popular animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Also, Puppet Master will be a creepy character that appears in the game too. He is searching for more members to group them together, which creates a party to break the whole world. Super FNaF RPG consists a bunch of features that you can explore, for example, you can try to find more friends and make your party bigger, all your skills can be upgraded over time. Also, you can unlock more items by spending your Tokens that you have gained throughout the fight. The game will contain more secrets and other mysteries for you to unravel. Try to get past all challenges, fight off the adversaries and survive longer! There are some endings that you can get if you complete some stuff, like finishing the easy mode, the normal mode and conquering the Secret Worlds. Have fun!

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Super FNaF RPG

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