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Sister Location: Fan Game

Sister Location: Fan Game Version 1.0.0

Sister Location: Fan Game

Sister Location: Fan Game is an exciting Fnaf game made by a big fan. In which, you will play as a night-shift technician instead of a security guard as you have ever taken on the role before. To complete your task and survive as well as fulfill all of the objectives during your shift, you can read the following guide. They are pretty useful to know what you need to do in rooms.

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  • Move to the Primary Control Module Room if you want to get the oxygen panel. Also, it is the place where you can charge the oxygen for the facility. Hit the central OX button to do that.
  • From the One Step From The Glass Room, you must prevent all of the animatronics from invading the own safe area.
  • To recharge the power, you can visit the Ballora Room.
  • Click on the Lock button in the One Step From The Glass Room and you are able to hear the sound like malfunctioning stuff. The energy will decrease after that.
  • Tap the left or right border of the room to move. It is the different feature that former Five Nights at Freddy’s games don;t have.
  • In the Ballora Room, you are allowed to come back the previous location by using the left arrow.
  • Press the electricity panel if you want to restart the power.
  • Click on the Eye icon to check Minireena’s eyes.
  • Don’t let Ennard catch you or you will die! Remember to pay attention to the noise so as to guess his next footsteps!

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