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Nights of Revival 1.0.1

Nights of Revival 1.0.1

Are you ready for a cool confrontation with animatronics in a new fangame called Nights of Revival 1.0.1? If you are so into Five Nights at Freddy’s series, you should check this fan-made game out for more challenges and missions. The game takes you to a cool spot where you will battle against lots of enemies. You’re equipped with a flashlight and you must use it wisely to survive in the darkness. The game opens a new story right after an occurrence occurred to MacDinolds. This place is taken over by the creepy animatronics from FNaF games. They got on the stage and started doing their job. You will be helped by some friends, including Dan, Trina, and Simon. They are here to guide you how to fight off the enemies. Show off your skills and use your strategies to defeat all challenges. You ready? Click to download the game right now!

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