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Night Shift at Fredbear’s

It’s easy to have fun with the new Fnaf Night Shift at Fredbear’s game! Visit Fredbear’s Family Diner where families and kids often enjoy pizzas and play with animatronics to embark on your job. Space becomes quiet and creepy when everybody leaves. Now, you arrive at the place to accomplish a difficult mission. It’s not simply just to look after everything here. Actually, what you need to do in that building is to defend your life until your task ends. 

Night Shift at Fredbear’s is a horror game so it will never lack unexpected and macabre attacks. All hits will come from roaming robots. They are really killer machines. Do not let them seize any opportunity to catch you or they will torture you to death! In order to block their jumpscares and survive when playing Night Shift at Fredbear’s, you’d better control given tools smartly. While security cameras are chosen to follow rivals’ movement, the door can be closed to prevent them from breaking into your office. Attempt to protect your position for a week! Good luck!

Night Shift at Fredbear’s

Night Shift at Fredbear’s (Android)

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