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FNaF Ultimate Edition 3 (Official)

Get ready to take a job at an improved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria in FNaF Ultimate Edition 3 (Official) which is another action FNAF fan-made title that is free to download. In the game, you come to work as a security guard whose job is to watch the cameras, manage the shocks and temperature as well as keep the whole restaurant safe all night. You are provided with crucial equipment for the job, so you must use them wisely to your advantage. The big problem here is that you will face off against some wicked animatronic robots roaming through the building. You must prepare some strategies in advance then use them to cope with the animatronics to make sure they won’t have any chances to jumpscare you. Try your hardest to complete all the tasks before you can leave the building, and your payment will double. Can you handle it until the end? Join the game right now! 

FNaF Ultimate Edition 3 (Official)

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