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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Download

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Download

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Download is the survival horror video Fnaf game. In which, you will play as a kid who is trapped in a dark bedroom with plush versions of the animatronics from Fredbear’s Family Diner being guided by a plushie Fredbear. Your story will be set in a creepy lonely house at night. Your main aim is to survive as long as possible by defending yourself from nightmare animatronic animals’ attacks. You have to find the best way to do that for many hours for five nights. No one can help you escape all dangers will happen to you. Try to act wisely and cautiously!

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 DownloadThere will no camera and calls of the Phone Guy in your Five Nights at Freddy’s so that you can keep track the monsters and refer information related to animatronics or their movement patterns. Nevertheless, you can read and follow the controls shown at the upper left corner of the main screen. You are equipped with a flashlight, the useful item, to deal with the enemy. Ward off the hall if you see something there. Turn on the flashlight if you hear the breath at the door or detect Nightmare Fredbear or Nightmare upon. Closing the door will block them before they have the chance to attack you. Check the closet for Nightmare Foxy, watch out the bed for three miniature versions of Nightmare Freddy. These versions can assemble and make you fail. Don’t let yourself fall into any emergency or you will be jumpscared!

After Night 1, Fredbears in Fnaf game will reveal that “He” is hiding somewhere in the house. He is a strange man who wearing a Foxy mask. After Night 2, the young boy will be abandoned in a family pizza restaurant. When knowing that “he” is coming, the kid can’t stop crying. An Easter Egg uncovers a secret of the Purple Guy, who putting someone into the Spring Bonnie suit. After Night 3, other children tease the boy. After Night 4, this crybaby is placed in his birthday party celebrated at the restaurant. “He”, his older brother and bullies push the boy’s head into Fredbear’s mouth. But, the iron teeth closes and crushes the head. After Night 6, Fredbear promises to put him back together. After the Nightmare Mode, a locked metal trunk appears. The Night 8 or the Custom Night will allow players to establish the A.I difficulty level they want for enemy animatronics.

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There are timed minigames between nights in this Five Nights at Freddy’s known as Fun with Plushtrap. You will collect the little plush toy, the version of Springtrap, to become the winner. Then, the next night will start at 2 AM. The time bonus in unlockable modes (including various animatronics and jumpscares with behind-the-scenes) can be used. They are valid if you fail.

To learn more about Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, you’d better embark on the first night right now! Good luck!

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