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Ennard’s Night Android Official

In another free-to-download fanmade FNAF game called Ennard’s Night Android Official, you will undergo more terrible challenges and your abilities will be truly tested. You can download this FNAF game for free and launch it on your computer for experiencing a new horror adventure awaiting you ahead. In this title, your job is to watch over another building from 12 AM to 6 AM. You have to make sure that nothing wrong will happen during your night shift. But, things go beyond your control when the animatronic robots start roaming through the building. If you don’t secure yourself, you will get jumpscared by them for sure. Now, you must use the cameras to track their movements, find out what places they are heading to, and do whatever it takes to prevent them from entering your office. Make sure that you also use the limited power wisely because if you run out of power, you will be in danger. Challenge your skills now with this exciting yet FNAF Fangame!

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Download Ennard’s Night Android

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